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DIY: Vase

August 24, 2011


These are  beautiful porcelain vases, I love it, but to tell you the truth at first glance I thought it was a DIY vase. Why buy a casted version of a house hold cleaner when you can just recycle?

Four easy steps:
1) Choose container and clean thoroughly
2) Remove label (trick: apply the heat from a hair dryer to the label, it peels off easier)
3) Spray with a matte spray paint (2 coats), allow to dry
4) Arrange your flowers!


Work and Play

August 24, 2011

Only a lucky few get to say this. I happen to be one of them. [Source]

How do you like your graphic design?

January 31, 2011

Pick two. Too true.

[Via Cool Infographics]


History through the Pantone Swatch

December 1, 2010

A witty graphic representation of history through the mighty Pantone Color Swatch. [2 Modern via Public School]



Mehmet Çetinkaya Gallery, Istanbul

November 24, 2010

I just visited the most brilliant place in Istanbul. A textile shop called Mehmet Çetinkaya Gallery. The store I luckily wondered into was located in the Arasta Bazaar near my hotel. My friends and I spent about an hour talking to the shop owner Zaeed (son of Mehmet Çetinkaya). And for course I was too inspired not to take photos. If you ever find yourself in Istanbul I highly recommend making this store a stop.

Spicy Biz Cards

November 9, 2010

Great idea out of Gitam BBDO Israell. Just one question, what happens when someone gets a little desperate for some salt or pepper?

[via thedieline]