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Underground art

November 8, 2010

Believed to be housed in the abandoned South 4th Street station in Williamsburg, the Underbelly Project is collection of installations, paintings, aerosol, murals and more done completely in secret. According to LTV Squad, some of the artists who participated include Sane, Swoon, Roa, Mark Jenkins, TrustoCorp, Posterchild. Demer, Jice, F5, Smells, Cash4, and many more.

Source, via NY Times website.


Designer Junk

November 5, 2010

Your junk mail folder is a creative treasure chest.  You have to admit some of the subject lines are brilliant. Now the brilliance can be relived through illustration. (Holiday gift for your designer friend? Definitely)

umbrellas skin elegant contemporary retro fashion weddings ornaments displaying imagination tattoos calligraphy ornate invitations script

November 4, 2010

How rad is this font? I like it. I want to download it just to see what kind of ligatures it has. Piel is a cousin to Burgues Script, the font of the How Rad on this site and a personal fav. with amazing  ligatures.

Day of the Dead

November 2, 2010

NEW WORK: The Day of the Dead, a Latin American Holiday, takes place on Nov 1 and 2. We hosted a party for Espolon Tequila, a Day of the Dead themed tequila at Death and Co. in Manhattan. Here is a bit of the event decor. (Here is more)





Why is Comic Sans so bad?

October 20, 2010

In my opinion it is offensively misused and generally over used. This BBC article sums it up “Comic Sans just smirks at you, and begs to be printed in multiple colours. Perhaps the most comic thing about Comic Sans is that it was never designed as a font for common use. It was intended merely as a perfect solution to a small corporate problem. “


October 8, 2010

So our banner didn’t make it up at the Levi’s Photo Workshop event as planned. (There was a little issue over branding.) But it looks beautiful and it will definitely make an appearnace at future events.