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Saffron Gin

August 10, 2010

Jhonn and I were recently in Burgundy. While there we enjoyed so much great wine we didn’t even think about gin (hard to believe since we both love it so much). Nope no gin on the brain until this brilliant, florescent, pinky, orange bottle caught our eyes. The shape of the bottle, the vibrancy of the liquid and the word gin on the label drew us into a liquor store in Beaune. We bought it, a Saffron infused gin from Dijon. We have an awful habit of using our nice liquor as decor and never enjoying it so this past weekend when our friend Liz (another gin lover) dropped by, we opened it. The less concentrated color was more of a orange-caramel. The flavors were amazing. Our loved gin and juniper flavors with a spicy kick. Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin, check it out, if not just to look at the pretty liquid.

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